Case Studies

Dr. Amy Wechsler

Unmatched dermatology

We have worked with Dr. Amy Wechsler since the start of her practice. Serving as the business management team and driving the partnership, marketing and communications platforms, AAM helped establish her as a globally-recognized leader in the beauty and wellness industries with distinctive positioning. We built a long-term strategy to leverage her unique medical background and credibility for overall business growth which we continue to execute. Together we developed the “beauty-shrink” concept stemming from her dual dermatology –psychiatry certification which carved an unparalleled niche in the media industry and led to a best-selling book. We initiated and manage partnerships and spokesperson roles with reputable consumer brands that bring world-wide exposure. Our communications outreach has resulted in Dr. Wechsler’s regular broadcast appearances on national programs, monthly columns in top print publications and a strong consumer connection via social media.